meet kali measures

founder of kindle & gather

I grew up watching my mom throw the most amazing celebrations and events...

She is one of the most intentional, hospitable people I’ve ever met. When I went to college, I knew I wanted to study hospitality because that’s the type of environment I grew up in and loved. I originally thought I wanted to open a bed and breakfast because I have a desire to make people feel comfortable and at home, the way my parents did with those in our community. Through my studies, I shifted directions a bit and geared my passion for hospitality towards wedding planning. 

As a planner, I’m very personable and hospitable. I strive to make my clients feel like they are planning their wedding with a best friend, yet someone that is professional and capable of handling all of the details. I want them to feel taken care of and at home, the way you do when you gather around someone’s table to share a meal.

I'm Kali Measures, the planner and creative behind Kindle & Gather. I love a good celebration and am always looking for opportunities to host a gathering. I'm inspired by the little things and believe small, intentional details make the biggest impact in portraying your story. 

I'm thrilled to be able to walk alongside you in such an exciting season as this. Let's stick together so you can enjoy your closest friends and family while sipping champagne at your engagement party. 


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